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Tackling Gambling Stigma

Sharing real life experiences of gambling harm to tackle stigma and discrimination.

An estimated 5 million British people have experienced harm linked to gambling.

But gambling addiction and harm from gambling are not something most people understand. Those with gambling addictions are seen as weak and blamed for the harm they and the people around them experience. Often, responsibility for addictions is placed on the individual alone.  This creates stigma.

Stigma means people experiencing harm feel deep shame that stops them getting help. It also relieves the pressure on regulators to make vital changes. It justifies discrimination in the way gambling is dealt with in regulation, financial services, health and the justice system, amongst others.

It is time for this to stop.

At Tackling Gambling Stigma, we believe it is time to push for change. By undertaking vital research and bringing together powerful stories of the wide range of people affected gambling harm, we are tackling this stigma and discrimination.

As the project evolves, you will be able to find out what it is like to live with gambling-related harm, by reading, listening and watching people share their stories.

This will connect people with others like themselves and encourage those in need of help to reach out for it.  It will also bring about change in public views, the media , services and policy, to to stop suffering in the future.

It’s time to remove the stigma and discrimination, together.

It’s time to push for change.

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